Hypertension The Unspoken Killer!

Amongst the numerous medical troubles being faced by us currently, hypertension is the most common one. This silent killer never shows mercy to anybody.

Hypertension refers to rigidity in the arteries——- the blood vessels that transfer blood from the heart to all the tissues of the body. The systolic blood pressure represents the pressure in the arteries when the heart shrinks and siphons blood into the circulation. On the contrary, the diastolic pressure denotes the pressure in the arteries when the heart calms down after narrowing.

So far so good!

How to sidestep hypertension?

Very simple!

You have to do two things:

  1. Keep the jeopardy factors in mind.
  2. Transform your lifestyle totally.

The jeopardy factors are as follows:

  • Inheritance.
  • Lineage of cardiovascular ailments.
  • Ecological factors.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Vitamin D deficit.
  • Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Deficit of minerals such as Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium.
  • Stoutness.
  • Anxiety.
  • Smoking.
  • Abuse of liquor.
  • Lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Side effects of drugs e.g. contraceptive pills.
  • Growing old.

Total transformation of lifestyle:

  • Weight-reduction and scrutinizing your waistline, by bringing about a modification in the diet e.g. decreasing the quantity of the four white poisons (table salt, sugar, fluor, Chinese salt) incorporation of whole grains, dairy products of low-fat, fish oils(because not only do they contain Omega 3fatty acids but also DHA both of which are heart-friendly) and lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Males should not have a waist dimension more than 102 centimeters and females should not have a waist dimension more than 89 centimeters.
  • Intake of loads of water so as to eradicate waste products and contaminants from the body.
  • Intake of folic acid—–a member of the B-complex family which assists in reduction of high blood pressure.
  • Avoidance of preserved foods(because of their elevated sodium content).
  • Use of garlic as a food add-on to enable improved circulation of blood and to keep the level of bad cholesterol under control.
  • Drinking lemon juice as well as that of Grapefruit are healthful antidotes for control of hypertension.
  • Frequent work-outs e.g. aerobic exercises,yoga,pilates,Tai Chi etc for 30 to 60 minutes five times a week.
  • Massage therapy to enable an easy flow of blood.
  • Avoidance of too much liquor intake.
  • Shirking of tobacco intake.
  • Evasion of refined foods.
  • Forestalling tobacco products(because nicotine present in them has a tendency to raise your blood pressure).
  • Averting breathing of second hand smoke.
  • Curtail the intake of caffeinated stimulant drinks because they cause a temporary spike in the blood pressure.
  • Avoid anxiety at all costs because it can bring about an enhanced blood pressure momentarily.
  • Do not compromise an eight hour routine of daily night’s sleep.
  • Regulate your intake of carbohydrates.

One important fact that we would like to emphasize is, that prevention is better than cure hence it is better to run through natural health as a source of prevention.

Hypertension Explained Clearly