What Is The Difference Between Cheap Amber Teething Necklace And Expensive Amber Teething Necklace?

If you are a strong believer of the effectiveness of amber teething necklace, you must know the actual difference between the fake and real Baltic amber. There are many people who don’t counterfeit and check their authenticity before buying for their babies.

It is quite easy to check the authenticity of an amber teething necklace. A real Baltic amber material gives a glass-like feel when you touch it. If you feel it warmer and light in weight, it is definitely a fake amber necklace made from other material.

Many people perform a heat test to check the authenticity of Baltic amber necklace beads. This heat test is quite simple and provides accurate results as well. You simply need to heat up the tip of an amber bead. It’ll be true Baltic amber if it smells like a pine resin. You must be familiar with the smell of burned pine resin.

Otherwise, it can make you confused. If the smell is totally different from pine resin, it would be definitely a copal. This stone looks quite similar to amber and create lots of difficulties while distinguishing it with amber.

It is the simplest and best test that you can try on the spot while choosing amber on the store. This test is known as rubbing test. You simply need to take a soft cloth and wrap the stone. Start rubbing it for almost a minute to get an electrostatic charge.

This charge would attract little paper pieces. If it is another material or copal, it won’t attract those pieces of paper. In this way, you can easily buy a genuine amber teething necklace for your baby. Everybody can try this small test that hardly takes few minutes to show the authenticity of Baltic amber.

The other way that can tell you whether your teething necklace is authentic or not is alcohol test. Every other material including plastic or copal would have a tacky surface once you pour it inside an alcoholic solution. On the other hand, the real amber won’t get affected even keeping it for few minutes inside this solution.

The saltwater test is also very helpful to find out the authenticity of amber stone. It will always float in the salty water. By trying any of these tests, you can easily check whether your chosen stone is real or fake. Any strong believer of Baltic amber’s effectiveness has a right to buy a genuine amber teething necklace.